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Zeroing In On A Great Rug Cleaning Service

Rug Cleaning / September 13, 2015

Rugs are one of the best ways to cover your floors. They can be more versatile and more attractive than ordinary carpet, and they can even represent a significant investment that can appreciate over time. Of course, keeping your rugs beautiful and preserving their value requires proper maintenance, and this is why a good rug cleaning service can be invaluable.

Why Rugs And Carpets Are Different Creatures

Rugs are all too often lumped in with carpets when it comes to floor cleaning, but in truth they’re very different. They require different sorts of care and the cleaning process is often fundamentally different. This is particularly true for the most valuable of rugs, which may feature delicate weaves and exotic dyes. Speaking generally, hand-made rugs are the ones that require the highest standards of care.

Cleaning a rug while preserving its unique and valuable properties calls for a little more expertise than shampooing a carpet. Good rug care often involves more than simple cleaning, too. A professional service company will be able to handle a wide variety of repairs as well as cleaning. This is why it’s particularly to vet your cleaners thoroughly before you entrust your rugs to them.

The Universal Service Checklist

As with any service company, you can check up on rug cleaners in some ways to ensure you’re dealing with trustworthy people. Ask for recommendations from friends and family to give yourself a starting point. Then hit the Internet to take a look at different company’s websites.

Before you make a commitment to a specific company, make sure you thoroughly understand the full scope (and limitations!) of the services they provide. Since rugs can be particularly valuable, it may be a good idea to inquire about insurance or other provisions to compensate you for unintended damage.

Industry-Specific Concerns

Thanks to the fact that they are inherently portable, rugs can be removed from your home and taken to a specialized facility for cleaning. Make sure you ask a potential cleaning service if they handle pick-up and drop-off and familiarize you with their process. (Some companies charge a fee for moving furniture to place or pick up a rug while others provide this service free of charge.)

It may be a good idea to drop off your rug in person when you’re dealing with a new company. This allows you to get a first-hand look at the company’s facilities and gauge the level of professionalism on display. You can also look at the equipment being used for rug cleaning. While some smaller companies do some or all of their work by hand, well-established companies will usually have an extensive array of specialized machinery on hand to ensure that your rug is cleaned both safely and efficiently.

Good rugs are rarely cheap. You should take the proper steps to preserve the money you invest in your rugs by entrusting them only to skilled and qualified cleaners. It may take some time to locate a reliable cleaning service that you can trust, but once you do all of your rug worries are over!

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