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Yelp Fights Back Against The Carpet Cleaning Service That Sued

Carpet Cleaner / December 18, 2016

A very popular website online called Yelp is a business that allows people to post reviews about local businesses. This can be both good and bad for the companies that are listed on the website. It can be very beneficial if they are an upstanding company like Visualize Legal – Legal Graphics, providing excellent products and services. However, it can be very detrimental if they are not providing proper services, products, or they are lying about the amount of money that they are charging. This is the case with a company by the name of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, a business that is in the DC area. They did not sue Yelp because of the seven bad reviews that they are targeting which talked about their practice of charging more than they are advertising for their services. They are suing this company because they state that the reviews are fraudulent, made by people that had not used their services.

Are They Allowed To Do This?

First of all, the people that post on Yelp do not have to disclose their complete identity. They can leave feedback on any company that they wish. They are protected by the First Amendment rights of free speech, and in most cases, these reviews, especially the bad ones, are things that companies simply have to deal with. In this case, Hadeed Carpet Cleaning is not suing on the premise that the people were lying about how much they had to pay. They are suing Yelp for the right to disclose who these seven people are, specifically to definitively determine if they were their customers.

Why Would They Want To Do This?

The reason that a company would want to do this is to prove that these are not simply fabricated testimonials that are designed to undermine their company. This is something that usually doesn’t happen because of what are called the Dendrite rules. These specifically state that it is going to take a substantial amount of evidence for any company to be forced to reveal who these public commenters are. Hadeed Carpet Cleaning is stating in their lawsuit that due to the number of testimonials that were so incredibly negative, that these had to be fabricated, and to prove their point and prove that these were not their customers, the anonymity of these posters must be revealed.

Is This Going To Happen?

Based upon the Dendrite Rules, and the lack of evidence that was presented, Yelp ignored court orders to reveal these individuals multiple times. Subsequently, Public Citizen filed on behalf of Yelp and argument that the Virginia court has absolutely no jurisdiction over Yelp at all. Until this is resolved, it is likely that Yelp will win because the First Amendment does protect anonymous speech. However, you have to wonder about the sanity of those that are in charge of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning because the more that they protest, the more guilty they will continue to look, and they will inevitably lose more customers.

Although freedom of speech is a right that all Americans share, it can sometimes be abused. It can be used in very diverse and devious ways. If these are fabricated comments designed to undermine the credibility of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, they would have less of a chance of succeeding if the company would simply have not filed lawsuits to determine whether or not these people commenting were real. It is a fine line that must be walked with companies like Yelp where anybody can say whatever they want to. If Hadeed Carpet Cleaning is smart, they will drop this before too much damage is done, damage that will cause people to only remember them as the business that was fighting against First Amendment rights and will be perceived as hiding the fact that they do lie about the prices that they charge.

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The Top Five Carpet Cleaning Methods Compared With Pros And Cons

Carpet Cleaner / January 1, 2016

Carpeting is a major investment for most homeowners, it’s important to take care of any investment as best you can, and carpeting is no exception. Most manufacturers will recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned about once every six months, but more often with pets, children, or high dirt and traffic locations. But in addition to that, there are health reasons to keep your carpets cleaned. Failure to keep a clean environment can lead to asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.


Mold Spores Can Be A Major Allergen And Possibly Dangerous

There are hundreds of different molds that can infect a carpet, especially one that has become damp due to flooding, humidity, spills, or poor cleaning methods. The mold and mildew can attack the dirt and carpet fibers or the backing that hold the carpet together. Most fungi produce millions of spores that can cause sneezing, breathing problems, and in those with allergies serious asthma or worse.

There is also the risk of infection with black mold that can be toxic to the homeowner and any pets in the home. While not all black molds are dangerous, the few that are should be avoided at all cost. Since children tend to play on carpets, they are especially at risk of inhaling the spores, so it’s important always to be on the lookout for hazards at home and when visiting others with carpet.

Dust Mites Are Also A Problem

Any carpet that has organic residue from cooking, pets dander, spills and walking traffic is at risk of harboring dust mites. These are microscopic insect-like creatures that feed on whatever dirt and food they can in your carpet. If you find yourself with a stuffy nose only when in a carpeted room, most likely you’re allergic to dust mites. A thorough cleaning will eliminate them, and you’ll notice the difference.

The Oldest Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is Antiquated

The old method that you may have seen your mother use was to dampen the carpet with water, sprinkle on some laundry detergent, then use a machine with rotating brushes to scrub the carpet. Then after washing every part, a wet vacuum was used to extract the soap and water.

This method works well to clean the upper layer of carpet, but doesn’t deep clean, and because there is no heat, won’t kill many bacteria, molds, dust mites, or flea larvae. It’s also hard to completely extract all of the detergent, which may build up over time and cause more problems when the soap and dirt stick together.

The Improved Detergent Spray On Method

The step up from the rotary scrub brush method is to rent the machine down at the local grocery store that sprays a cleaning agent into the carpet and then immediately extracts the cleaners into the machine. This method is better than the scrubbers, doesn’t leave lots of residue on the carpet, and penetrates deeper as well. It can use hot water, but isn’t steam so that it won’t kill all the bugs, but will clean better than cold water.

Real High-Pressure Steam Cleaning Is Far Better Than Just Hot Water

A typical steam cleaner sprays high-temperature steam deep into the carpet fibers. Steam can be much hotter than any hot water you could use and will immediately kill dust mites, bacteria, molds, and fleas. Plus, the steam is way better at loosening dirt and grime, which is many times nearly glued onto the carpet fibers like candy.

Steam has the added advantage of not using as much water to do the job as the scrubbers or the spray on detergents. When the steam cools, it’s far less water than what would typically come from a standard grocery store rental machine. This makes the extraction quicker and easier, plus the final drying time is considerably shortened as well.

The disadvantage of this method is that It’s not usually something the average homeowner could do himself, the machines are expensive and many times truck mounted, so a professional like¬† will have to be called to do the work. It’s a better process with better results; you may be able to see the difference in quality.

The Store Bought Spray Can Cleaners Are The Last Resort

Those large spray cans that you can buy down at the store are fairly good at cleaning the very top of the carpet, but don’t reach much farther down where most of the dirt lies. They also tend to leave a residue deep down that will eventually have to be cleaned and extracted with a steam cleaner. Plus,¬† you’ll be amazed at the huge quantities of soap and detergents that come out of your carpets if you’ve used these spray cans repeatedly over the years. They will work temporarily though if you need a quick cleanup before guests arrive for the holidays or something similar.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Works Well And Dries Fast

Another method that has been gaining in popularity is one using a dry solvent that has almost no water at all. The solvent is sprayed onto the carpet liberally, and then a machine is used to work it into the deep pile where it loosens and attracts the dirt particles. Then an extraction machine is used to vacuum the solvent and the dirt out of the carpet.

Its advantages are that the solvent kills bacteria, molds, dust mites, and fleas, plus does a decent job of penetrating the fibers. Then after the solvent has been extracted there is no waiting for the carpet to dry; you can put the furniture back in immediately. Plus, it leaves almost no residue or moisture to cause problems at a later time. The solvent is excellent for removing many types of stains that water based detergents have trouble with, so pre-treatments are usually not necessary, saving time and money.

Getting your carpets cleaned is a fairly labor intensive job that requires moving lots of furniture, hauling machines, chemicals, and water or hoses, back breaking work to say the least. Having a professional team do the work for you while you watch is the only way to go if you want the job done right, with the right methods and equipment.

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Carpet Cleaners Can Handle Your Mess And Save You Time And Money

Carpet Cleaner / September 13, 2015

Carpets can look beautiful when they’re newly installed, but with enough wear and tear, the age can start to show. Imagine that each time you run outside and come back in, you’re tracking in dirt and your weight is packing down the fibers. With enough use and zero maintenance, your carpeting can look old, worn, and discolored. How can you combat the inevitable?

Hiring professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis can solve the problems mentioned above and then some! Believe it or not, in the long haul, carpet cleaning experts can save you money. It all comes down to weighing the pros and the cons. To give you an idea of what professional cleaning services can do for you, here are some thoughts:

Firstly, professional cleaners can remove dust, dirt, and pet dander from your carpeting by using industrial equipment and employing the use of quality cleaning agents. Pet dander and dust are the number one leading causes of allergens in the home, and they can exacerbate asthma symptoms and cause sneezing. Professional cleaning can help wash your carpets thoroughly and remove the allergens that exist beyond the reach of your vacuum cleaner.

Next up, you have to consider that your carpet can discolor, and your fibers become compressed if special care is not taken. Expert cleaning companies can remove dirt stains and permanent markings from your carpeting by using specialty tactics. The washing of your carpeting can also help prolong the life of the fibers and for a short while at least, keep them looking bright and new.

Carpet cleaners can save you money when you sign a contract with them and have them clean your carpeting on a regular basis. You have to look at it this way: if you neglect your carpeting, you will have to replace it sooner, and that can be costly. However, cleaners can prolong the life of your carpets, therefore, saving you money in a sense.

Time is of the essence and if you’re an extremely busy person or just don’t have the energy to clean your carpeting on your own, hiring professionals make sense. They take care of your furniture and move it with ease, and they make sure to get all of the nooks and crannies that you miss with your traditional vacuuming.

Though you can certainly rent your carpet cleaning equipment, you have to consider that you don’t have the experience or the expertise to help you do a good job. However, the main problem that homeowners often find out too late is that they use too much water and cleaning agent which can soak the carpet through. If the carpeting doesn’t dry within the first day or so, it can make way for mold and mildew underneath.

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t cost nearly as much as some would have you believe, and if it can help prolong the life of your expensive flooring, then it’s well worth the money you spend.

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Why Use A Steam Carpet Cleaner Over Other Alternatives?

Carpet Cleaner / September 13, 2015

Steam carpet cleaning isn’t necessarily brand new anymore, of course, but it’s interesting to note that it’s taking over the carpet cleaning market. The traditional method is, of course, using a carpet shampooer machine, and while it worked for quite some time, there are many advantages to using a steam carpet cleaner. What are they?

First of all, a carpet cleaner that utilizes steam cleaning technology is supposed to be more sanitary. If you’ve ever cleaned your carpets or had the opportunity to watch when they are cleaned, then you realize just how important this could be. Or, maybe you don’t realize, but think about all the contaminants that are being extracted from your carpets. After all, that’s the reason you’re having them cleaned in the first place.

The shampooers use a foam to help clean your carpets by breaking down dirt, but what does a steam carpet cleaner use? It uses hot water and steam technology, so people often wonder if it’s going to do as good of a job as the traditional method. But do the shampooers do a good job in the first place?

If you have carpets, and you’ve tried a traditional shampooer, whether you’ve rented one or called professional carpet cleaners, you’re likely to be itching to try steam carpet cleaning. Shampooers are effective, but at the same time, the results can sometimes be a little disappointing. So, it just makes sense to try something new, right?

It’s very important to pay attention to the chemicals that are used in the carpet cleaning process. If you regularly have professionals come out to your home to clean your carpets, that’s great, but just because you have someone do it for you doesn’t mean you don’t want to know what they’re doing. After all, it’s the carpets in your home that are affected, and you are the one to live in your home.

Carpet cleaning, in general, has been the subject of many debates when it comes to cleaning methods and whether or not they are not just effective but safe for families. You don’t want children and pets getting irritated by stirred up allergens and particles that weren’t properly removed.

Some carpet fibers are quite deep, and while you don’t want to leave them infested, you surely don’t want to be breathing in everything that was on the carpet, meaning it’s now in the air. Using a steam carpet cleaning process might just be the best solution out there for people looking for clean carpets and a safe home environment.

If you’re still not sure if you want to switch over to cleaning carpets using steam technology, look at reviews of people who have already tried this service. It’s especially helpful when you find reviews from people who have extensive experience having their carpets cleaned using other methods. One thing for sure, it appears that carpet cleaning using steam technology might just be the new standard in the industry.

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